Proposed Revisions to RESNET By-Laws

RESNET's By-Laws have not been updated since they were adopted in 2001. They are currently out of compliance with State regulations and non-profit organization governance procedures.

The RESNET Board of Directors is proposing amended RESNET By-Laws that requires approval by RESNET members.

The proposed amended By-Laws were developed with the input of the Strategic Positioning Task Force created by the RESNET Board. It has been vetted by RESNET’s General Counsel who specializes in non-profit organizations and a major international law firm that specializes in corporate governance.

To review the proposed revised by-laws click on Proposed Revised RESNET By-Laws.

RESNET members will be asked to approve the proposed By-Laws by an online vote. On February 13, 2012 RESNET members will be sent a link to cast their ballot on this important issue.