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Rating Field Inspector (RFI) Candidates must complete the following tasks to be awarded an RFIIN:

  • Complete a minimum of three (3) mentored inspections using the RESNET RFI Field Evaluation Form with required photo documentation,
  • Pass the final graded field evaluation using the RESNET RFI Field Evaluation Form (100% satisfactory on all applicable features),
  • Pass the Combustion Appliance simulation test (85%)
  • Pay $50.00 processing fee

Candidate should follow up with their Rating QA Provider for certification status and eligibility to perform ratings.

RFIs must have an RFIIN to be able to conduct any inspections for home energy ratings.

Please complete the form below:

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There is a $50.00 processing fee for creation of an RFIIN. Application will not be processed until payment is received by RESNET.

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