RESNET Provider Accreditation Renewal

Per the RESNET Standards, RESNET-accredited Providers must renew accreditation annually. Providers must submit applications for the Provider categories for which they intend to renew their accreditation.

To avoid penalties, please read and follow the RESNET application renewal, fee structure, and due dates. Late fees will be applied to late applications. The late fee(s) will increase as the application becomes more tardy.

The following are the RESNET-accredited Provider categories, which accreditations they include, and the fees. Please note that you must be approved for each individual accreditation separately where applicable.

  • Rating QA Provider ($1,750 base)
    • Rating QA Provider
    • Sampling Provider
    • WaterSense Provider
  • Existing Homes Provider ($1,750)
    • Contractor Education and Qualification Provider
  • Training Provider ($1,750)
  • Software Provider ($1,750)

This year, the RESNET Provider fee structure will remain unchanged and will be based upon the above categories. You will be invoiced directly by RESNET for all accreditation fees.

Renewal application forms will not be sent out via email or other method. The below form must be completed and the application fee must be received in order for the renewal(s) to be processed. The appropriate renewal application form(s) must be completed for each accreditation category under which an organization is accredited and wishes to renew.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Please use the link(s) below to complete the renewal application(s) for your Provider accreditation categories:

Rating Provider
Existing Homes Provider
Training Provider
Software Provider