Rater Training Provider Accreditation Application

The Rater Training Provider Accreditation Application review process follows Section 910 of RESNET Standards, and will not begin until the application fee has been received.

In accordance with Chapter Nine of RESNET Standards, Staff will review the complete application and shall do one of the following:

  • Request additional information,
  • Recommend approval,
  • Recommend denial.

Applications are approved by the RESNET Accreditation Committee.


Part One: General Application

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Applicant Information
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Please note that all submitted curricula, training materials, examination materials and other supporting documents will be held in strict confidence, as any proprietary materials. However, these materials cannot be returned to the applicant.

Part Two: Program Application

This application is based upon requirements promulgated in the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) National Home Energy Rater Training and Certifying Standard (hereinafter: "Standard"). Please become familiar with this Standard prior to applying for certification.

The purpose of this application is to assess the applicant’s knowledge of the RESNET Standards, compliance with the requirements of accreditation, and ability to apply RESNET Standards.

I. Minimum Rater Training Standards

Please address how your rater training meets the following minimum requirements. Space has been provided throughout to write comments or present relevant information regarding the attached materials.

A. Training Materials and Manuals
Please include a copy of the training materials and manuals that you provide to rater candidates as part of your rater training. These manuals should demonstrate that the curriculum covers the following points adequately:

  1. Minimum Rater Competencies outlined in Chapter 2 of the standard.
  2. Ability to accurately gather from building drawings and specifications or from field measurements, product specifications, nameplate information, and/or field performance testing all input data required by home energy rating system software to produce accurate and unbiased home energy ratings in accordance to the RESNET national home energy rating standards.
  3. Understanding the purpose and benefits of home energy ratings and ability to communicate these to potential customers.
  4. Understanding the basics of energy efficient mortgages, energy improvement mortgages and related products and ability to communicate these to potential customers.
  5. Completing a home energy improvements checklist or entering data into the home energy rating software program.
Training Materials and Manuals
Document/Zip File: *

B. Examinations
The Standard requires that a rater candidate pass both written and simulation tests administered by RESNET.

  1. Do you provide computers for testing purposes or do students use their own? *
  2. Do you allow students to test using remote proctors? *
  3. The RESNET standards require that the national rater test shall be overseen by a proctor who is an individual designated by your organization to oversee the written examination. Describe the system you use to proctor the exams. *

C. Rater Certification

  1. Indicate the minimum requirements to successfully complete the home energy rater course. *
  2. How are students trained on Combustion Safety test procedures? *

D. Training Facilities

  1. The Standard requires that the rater training provider provide for adequate training facilities. These can be either in-house facilities or rented. Describe the facilities used for training. *

E. Describe Your Organization

  1. Please include detailed resumes of principals and trainers employed. Your organization will need a current trainer before they start administering tests. If they do not have a sign in for the testing admin, they will not be able to set up any tests. Trainers must be on this list.
  2. The Standard requires that the provider shall maintain trainers and instructors who shall have the following:
    1. Mastery of home energy rating system knowledge base and skills demonstrated by passing the RESNET Rater Trainer Test.
    2. Ability to communicate effectively the methods, procedures, knowledge and skills given in Chapter 2 of the standard.
  3. Does your organization only offer training to internal candidates? *
Detailed Resumes
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Part Three: Application Certification and Representation

As an officer of [Company] I, do here submit this Application for Accreditation. By checking this box, I certify that the application is complete and accurate.

Application Certification
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Part Four: Payment

The minimum annual fee for accreditation as a Rater Training Provider is $1,750. There is a non-refundable application fee of $500. If the application for accreditation is approved, the $500 application fee will be credited to the accreditation fee. You may view the full RESNET Provider Accreditation Fee Structure.

Upon approval, a Rater Training Provider will not be formally accredited and listed on the Registry of Accredited Rater Training Providers until the balance of the annual accreditation fee ($1,250) is received by RESNET.

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If you have questions, please email Scott at scott@resnet.us.