HERSH2O Software Tool Accreditation Application

All RESNET-accredited HERSH2O rating software tools shall comply with the calculations established in ANSI/RESNET/ICC 850-2020. To obtain accreditation, applicants shall follow the procedures established in Section 4.0 of the Implementation Guidelines for HERSH2O and WaterSense Homes Version 2.


Part One: Applicant Information

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Part Two: Software Information

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Once this application is submitted and the application fee is received, you will receive an email with instructions for submitting your XML test files and providing access to your software.


Part Three: Payment

The annual fee for accreditation as a HERSH2O software tool is $500. There is a non-refundable application fee of $250. If the application for accreditation is approved, the $250 application fee will be credited to the accreditation fee.

Upon approval, a HERSH2O Software Tool will not be formally accredited until the balance of the annual accreditation fee ($250) is received by RESNET.

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If you have questions, please email Laurel at laurel@resnet.us.