Sampling Provider Accreditation Application

There is a non-refundable application fee of $500.


Part One: Applicant Information

The legal name and full address of the accredited Sampling Provider will appear on the national registry of accredited Sampling Providers that is used by the mortgage industry, building code officers, and sponsoring programs such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the IRS.

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Applicant Information
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Program Contact (will receive all correspondence from RESNET and be listed in directory)
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Part Two: Program Application

1. Verification of RESNET Status *
Please verify that your organization to be an active accredited RESNET Rating Provider currently meeting all of the requirements of a Provider in good standing (603.1.1).


2. Qualification to do Sampling *
The RESNET Sampling Standard requires a Provider meet the following eligibility requirement under section 603.1.3:

"In order to be eligible to be a Sampling Provider, the RESNET accredited rating provider shall complete a minimum of twenty-five (25) confirmed ratings that have been documented to be accurate by the rating provider's quality assurance designee.

Please attach a document signed by an officer of your organization stating:

"Under penalty of perjury I declare that ____________ complies with RESNET Standard section 603.1.3."


3. Insurance Requirement *
The RESNET Sampling Standard requires Providers demonstrate to RESNET a minimum insurance coverage of $1,000,000 in general liability coverage and $1,000,000 in professional liability coverage (603.1.4).

Please attach a copy of your organization's certificate(s) of insurance verifying coverage for the period covered by this application year.


4. Minimum Standards for a Sampling Provider *
Please attach a complete copy of your Sampling Provider’s Operation Policies and Procedures Manual addressing these requirements.

Please explain how your program meets each of the following requirements in the RESNET Standards. Each item below must be address separately and cannot just reference your Policies and Procedures Manual.

a. Analysis of Homes (602.3). Worst-case analysis shall be performed on each home plan, considering worst-case orientation, all known option packages, and applicable site location(s). *


b. Labeling of Homes (602.4). Every home plan within a given sample set shall be assigned the same HERS Index as determined by the threshold specification for that floor plan. In addition each home has to have a label disclosing sampling attached to the electrical panel. *


c. Sample Set of Homes (602.5). Sampling controls may be applied to any sample set of homes within the same subdivision or metropolitan area and climate zone (as specified in the most current edition of the IECC). *


d. Sampling Controls (602.7) Field inspections and tracking of all homes in the sample set for verifying threshold technical specifications. *


e. Procedures for tracking initial failures, additional failures, multiple additional failures and re-inspections (602.7 and 602.8). *


f. Procedures for exception for a builder conducting a "root-cause analysis" under 602.8.2. *


g. Blower Door Testing completed for sample sets in which the threshold specifications include credit for reduced air infiltration lower than the default value (603.2.3.2). *


h. Duct testing completed for sample sets in which the threshold specifications include credit for reduced air distribution system leakage lower than the default value (603.2.3.3). *


i. Sampling Inspector discipline procedures that include progressive discipline involving Probation - Suspension - Termination (603.2.3.4). *


5. Quality Assurance Process *
Please describe your organization's process for meeting both the RESNET quality assurance requirements under section 602.9 of the RESNET Sampling Standard and procedures for meeting RESNET Policy on Quality Assurance of Ratings posted on the RESNET website.


Part Three: Application Certification and Representation

By checking this box, I affirm that the information on this application is complete and accurate


Part Four: Payment

There is an application fee of $500 that must be received prior to processing your application.

Billing Address
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