Rating Provider Accreditation Application

The Rating Provider Accreditation Application review process follows Section 910 of RESNET Standards, and will not begin until the application fee has been received.

In accordance with Chapter Nine of RESNET Standards, Staff will review the complete application and shall do one of the following:

  • Request additional information,
  • Recommend approval,
  • Recommend denial.

Applications are approved by the RESNET Accreditation Committee.


Part One: Applicant Information

The legal name and full address of an accredited Rating Provider will appear on the National Registry of Accredited Rating Providers. You may only apply to states in which you will be able to provide for Raters upon accreditation. Additional states can be added at which time you become able to service them.

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Part Two: Program Application

Please complete each item thoroughly in accordance with the requirements of current RESNET Standards as of the date of the application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Non-compliant applications may result in denial of application.

The purpose of this application is to assess the applicant’s knowledge of the RESNET Standards, compliance with the requirements of accreditation, and ability to apply RESNET Standards.


1. Rater Certification
Describe your requirements for Rater training, testing, and probationary ratings prior to certification of Rater Candidates as Raters. This should also be addressed in your Rating Provider policies and procedures document.


2. Rater Agreement
Attach a copy of your standard Rater Agreement.

Rater Agreement


3. Rater Recertification
Describe your requirements for Professional Development and Rater recertification. This should also be addressed in your Rating Provider policies and procedures document.


4. Rating Software
RESNET Standards require that all Rating Providers use RESNET-accredited Rating Software Programs. In addition, the provider must use the current version of that software that affects the rating score. Accredited software programs and the approved version are posted on the National Registry of Accredited Rating Software Programs. Name the software program and version that you will use.


5. Written Rating Provider Policies and Procedures
Please attach your Rating Provider internal policy and procedures documents that meet all of the requirements of Chapter One of RESNET Standards, including Rater provisions above, requirements of 102.1.4, and site data collection manual.

Rating Provider Policies and Procedures


6. Primary Quality Assurance Designee
Attach a signed letter of intent or signed formal agreement with your intended Primary Quality Assurance Designee.

Primary Quality Assurance Designee Signed Letter of Intent or Formal Agreement


7. Written Quality Assurance Process
Attach your Written Quality Assurance Process as required by 102.1.1 and which at a minimum meets the requirements of Chapter Nine of RESNET Standards, specifically 904, 905, and 906.

Written Quality Assurance Process


Part Three: Past Record of Performance

1. Was this organization previously an accredited Provider which had its accreditation revoked by RESNET? *

2. Has anyone associated with this organization (including officers, Quality Assurance Designees, or Raters or Field Inspectors intended to be certified by this organization) ever been suspended or revoked (by a Provider or by RESNET) for violations of the RESNET Standards while performing as a certified Rater, Quality Assurance Designee, or Rating Field Inspector? *

3. Has anyone associated with this organization been found by RESNET to have violated the RESNET Standards? *


Part Four: Application Certification

By checking this box, I affirm that the information on this application is complete and accurate, and that I understand and agree to adhere to all requirements of accreditation, Provider Quality Assurance, and RESNET QA and Disciplinary Action described in RESNET Standards. I also understand my right to appeal and the appeal process in cases of denial of application or RESNET Disciplinary Action as described in Chapter Nine.


Part Five: Payment

The minimum annual fee for accreditation as a Rating Provider is $1,750. There is a non-refundable application fee of $500. If the application for accreditation is approved, the $500 application fee will be credited to the accreditation fee. You may view the full RESNET Provider Accreditation Fee Structure.

Upon approval, a Rating Provider will not be formally accredited and listed on the Registry of Accredited Rating Providers until the balance of the annual accreditation fee ($1,250) is received by RESNET.

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If you have questions, please email Laurel at laurel@resnet.us.