National Home Energy Audit Trainer Provider Accreditation Application

The annual fee for accreditation as a home energy audit training provider is $1750.00. There is a non-refundable application fee of $500. If the application for accreditation is approved the $500 application fee will be credited to the accreditation fee.


Part One: Applicant Information

Legal name and full address of home energy audit training program. This name and address will appear on the Certificate of Accreditation and the national register of accredited home energy audit training providers that is used by utilities, government agencies, and sponsoring programs.

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Applicant Information
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Part Two: Criteria for Accreditation

*Please note that all submitted curricula, training materials, examination materials and other supporting documents will be held in strict confidence, as any proprietary materials. However, these materials cannot be returned to the applicant.

1. Please describe how your organization will proctor the RESNET national core competency questions of the national Home Energy Survey Professional (HESP) and Building Performance Auditor (BPA) test in accordance with the RESNET guidelines.


2. Please submit for approval, copies of the HESP and BPA curriculum, course presentation materials, training manuals, user manuals, course handouts and any other training materials used for training purposes that will ensure the training will prepare the HESP or BPA to have the minimum skills and knowledge base to conduct a Professional Home Energy Survey in accordance with RESNET Standard section705.1 and the Building Performance Audit in accordance with section 705.2.



3. Please submit for approval, copies of all policies, standards, guidelines and procedures to be used by the HEA-Training Provider.

Policies, Standards, Guidelines and Procedures


4. Please describe your organization's record keeping provisions meet RESNET Standard section 707.1.1.4. (You must include what records are kept and how long they will be maintained)


5. Please describe how your organization will maintain up-to-date training materials and provide adequate training facilities in accordance with RESNET Standard section 707.1.1.6.


6. Please list all certified BPA Trainers employed or contracted by your organization. Please include the trainer's name, address, phone number, and email address. Please provide documentation for that each trainer has successfully passed the BPA Trainer Exam and their ability to demonstrate the knowledge and skills in accordance with RESNET Standards 708.

BPA Trainers


7. Please answer the following questions:

Have the individual or individuals applying for this accreditation ever been revoked under the name of this organization or any other organization accredited by RESNET? *

Has any one associated with your organization or anyone associated with your company, including officers or certified raters, ever been suspended or revoked while performing as a RESNET certified rater or serving under another RESNET Providership, for violations of the RESNET Standards (including RESNET's quality assurance standards) or any other violations of RESNET's rating procedures, by either RESNET or a RESNET Rater Provider? *

Has any one associated with your organization or anyone associated with your company, including officers or certified raters, been found by RESNET to violate the RESNET Standards? *


Part Three: Application Certification and Representation

By checking this box, I affirm that the information on this application is complete and accurate


Part Four: Payment

There is an application fee of $500 that must be received prior to processing your application. This fee will be credited to your full annual HEA Training Provider accreditation fees if your application is approved, the balance of which will be due prior to formal accreditation.

Billing Address
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