Application to Renew/Update Listing on RESNET Rater Instructors

Rater Instructors must reapply annually to remain posted on the directory. In order to maintain the listing, qualified individuals must complete the online form by September 30 each year.

Rater Instructors

RESNET Certified Rater Instructors shall complete a two-hour annual RESNET Roundtable each year and also every three years:

  • Document twelve (12) hours per year of attendance at RESNET conferences or other conference approved by RESNET; and
  • Complete eighteen (18) hours of RESNET approved Professional Development courses delivered by RESNET Accredited Training Providers or other events or venues approved by RESNET. Additional documented hours of attendance at RESNET Conferences qualify under this provision.

Please Note:
A person that is both a Rater Instructor and Quality Assurance Designee shall have to complete both the two-hour RESNET roundtable for a rater instructor and the two-hour roundtable for quality assurance designees.

Please provide the following information in order to have your listing updated or renewed:

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