RESNET Quality Assurance CheckList

In accordance with RESNET Standards, RESNET shall develop a Quality Assurance Checklist that is to be used by QA Designees for the purpose of verifying a Provider's compliance with the individual requirements for Providers set forth in the RESNET Standards. Every item on the checklist should be checked annually for compliance, accuracy and completeness.

The Primary QA Designee for the Provider must review each item to confirm the Provider's compliance with the item and note any action being taken to achieve compliance for any item that is found not in compliance. Supporting documentation must be uploaded for each item for which it is required.


  1. Download the Quality Assurance Report Submittal Checklist to complete offline (comment is required if any item is out of compliance);
  2. If you are not tracking calibration in the registry, please complete the calibration tracking template.
  3. If HERS Ratings were completed using Default Test Values AND/OR Remote Field Inspections, complete the requested information using the Default Value and Remote Inspection Reporting Template
  4. Return to this page to upload the 2023 Quality Assurance Online Submittal package (below).
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