National Home Energy Rater Training Provider Rater Professional Development Course Application

Part 1: General Application

Organization name and full address. This information will appear on the RESNET website when your class is approved.

Please complete the following online application. A complete application includes a $35.00 pre credit hour requested application fee. Your application will not be reviewed without this payment.

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Part 2: Training Application

This application is based upon requirements promulgated in the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) National Home Energy Rater Training and Certifying Standard (hereinafter: "Standard").

Please note that all submitted curricula, training materials, examination materials and other supporting documents will be held in strict confidence, as any proprietary materials. However, these materials cannot be returned to the applicant.

Training Course
Course Title: *

I. Rater Professional Development Subject Areas

Please address how your training will meet the frameworks as outlined under any one of the following subject areas. Your course does not have to cover all the subject areas.

A. Training Curriculum

The subject area for your training curriculum must be from any of the following subject areas as approved by the Training and Education Committee. Please address how your professional development training will meet the minimum frameworks as outlined under each topic area.

  1. HVAC
    • how to verify a load calculation
    • basics of duct design
    • basics of equipment selection
    • basics behind load calculations
    • ANSI HVAC Quality Installation Standard
  2. Business Management
    • entrepreneurship
    • marketing
    • writing business plans
    • managing people & time
    • executing plans
  3. Communication
    • how to communicate with:
      • builders,
      • trade contractors,
      • architects
      • homeowners
      • Rating Providers
    • crucial conversations that need to take place
      • Expectations
      • Quality of work
      • Failures
  4. Advanced Diagnostics
    • static pressure tests
    • IR testing and interpretation
    • flow tests (pressure matching method, vane anemometers, flow hoods, flow plates, etc)
    • combustion safety tests
  5. Ethics
    • decision making within a moral framework
    • developing value systems
    • living one's values in a modern world
  6. Insulation Grading
    • RESNET Standards
    • Cellulose (CIMA Standards)
    • Fiberglass (NAIMA Standards)
    • Spray-foam (SPFA Guidelines)
  7. Advanced rating software use
    • Analysis
    • Reports
    • Data exporting
    • Library management
  8. Federal Program Qualifications
    • Builders Challenge
    • Tax credits
    • WAP
    • HUD programs
Training Curriculum
Course Topic(s): *
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B. Training Materials and Manuals

Please include a copy of the training materials and manuals that you will provide to rater candidates as part of your rater professional development training.

Training Materials
Title: *
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C. Examination Materials

The Standard requires that a rater trainee pass a written examination. Please include your examination and describe the system you will use to proctor the exams.

Examination Materials
Examination: *
Proctoring System: *

D. Instructors

Please include detailed resumes of principals and trainers who will be instructing this course.

Instructor Name: *

E. Logistics

Please provide the following logistics details:

Training Format: *
Training Length: (hours) *
Credits Requested: *


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