BSR/RESNET/ICC 301-2019 Addendum D-202x, draft PDS-02 Comments Submitted

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Page Number: 1
Paragraph / Figure / Table / Note: Scope, documentation
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For the documentation of number 7, "label the certified energy and CO2 performance of Dwelling Units and Sleeping Units; it needs to be crystal clear if this is site or source carbon emmissions. This is a recurring conundrum across many RESNET reports. Many State and local jurisdiction looking at ERIs, HERS, and other reports have policy goals that show a need to chronical either or both site and source CO2 emissions. Rather than having to generate reports first in order to see declarations/estimates, this should be clear from the outset in every standard so that adoption can be considered "as reported" by RESNET or DOE approved tools, or if an adjustment/further calculation is needed to estimate site CO2 emissions.

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Page Number: 2
Paragraph / Figure / Table / Note: Section 5.3.4
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Typographical error correction:

5.3.4 Projected CO2 emissions for the home, calculated in accordance with Sections and