BSR/RESNET/ICC 301-2014 Addendum D-201x, draft PDS-02, Testing Airtightness and Airflow Comments Submitted

The following comments have been submitted:

Comment #1

Page Number: 2
Paragraph / Figure / Table / Note: Bullet Point
Comment Intent: Not an Objection
Comment Type: Technical


Define visible as used in the bullet point, "All ductwork is visible." Visible at pre-drywall or visible at final. IF ductwork is designed and installed below the ceiling plane and can be verified at predrywall this should be considered acceptable.

Proposed Change:

? All ductwork is visible, (ie. visually verfired at pre-drywall to be below the ceiling plane, thus in conditioned space.)

Comment #2

Page Number: Pds-02 page 1/2
Comment Intent: Not an Objection
Comment Type: General


I think it is a good idea to take the Mortgage Industry title out since it has a negative connotation to many people with past mortgage lenders.

Also, allow ducts not to be tested if all in conditioned space is a good idea. Also I would think some wall returns would be acceptable if the were Not visible.  I would think that even if it was a finished basement, the first floor system would not need to be tested in any case if all within the envelope, reguardless if the duct work is visble or not as leakage to the ouutside is usually very low.


Don Gissubel