BSR/RESNET/ICC 301-2014 Addendum E-201x, draft PDS-02, Index Adjustment Factors Comments Submitted

The following comments have been submitted:

Comment #1

Page Number: 3
Paragraph / Figure / Table / Note: equation for IAF Nbr
Comment Intent: Objection
Comment Type: Technical


The coefficient in the following equation is not correct

   IAF Nbr = 1+ [0.073 * (IADSAVE) * (Nbr-3)]

A mistake was made by the commenter in development of the 0.073 coefficient and this comment proposes a corrected value for this coefficient.

Proposed Change:

IAF Nbr = 1+ [0.0730.069 * (IADSAVE) * (Nbr-3)]

Comment #2

Page Number: All
Comment Intent: Not an Objection
Comment Type: Technical


We conducted our own assessment on a sampling of projects in Climate Zone 6 in addition to reviewing the Florida Solar Energy Center’s analysis and presentation on Addendum E on Index Adjustment Factors (IAF). While recognizing that (a) there may be pushback from market players who focus on home types that would receive higher HERS indexes due to the changes, and (b) jurisdictions that use HERS index as an energy code compliance pathway may face challenges, we fully support the addition of the proposed Index Adjustment Factors to adjust for building size, number of stories, and number of bedrooms. It corrects a long-known weakness in the HERS index that effectively penalizes smaller homes, homes with higher numbers of bedrooms, and homes with fewer floors. While the Addendum may create challenges in the short-term, it appears to be thoughtfully and logically prepared in a manner that creates a more level playing field for all rated homes.