Proposed Amendment of Chapter 3

Comment #1

Amendment: Proposed Amendment of Chapter 3
Page Number: P1
Paragraph / Figure / Table / Note: 301.2 Scope
Comment Intent: Objection
Comment Type: Technical


If ratings can be done on units in multifamily buildings 4 and 5 stories for ENERGY STAR, why not just let them be done for units in residentially permitted buildings up to 5 stories period. We now have MF Guildeines to help us do it effectively.

This issue actually recently came up in a code training i taught on the ERI this past month, where at least one participatn pointed out that the EIR would not applyt to many mid rise buildligns in Chicago for this reason.

Proposed Change:

301.2  Scope
These Standards apply to exist
ing or proposed, site-constructed
or manufactured, single- and
-family residential buildings three stories or less in hei
ght and dwelling units in residentially permitted multi-family buildings five stories or less in height excepting hotel
s and motels.
  These Standards also apply to dwelling units in multi-family
buildings four
and five stories above grade t
hat are certified through EPA’s E
NERGY STAR certified
homes program.


***also delete reference on P. 2 Section 303 of this exception***



While there is interest among multiple parties to explore such an expansion, that change cannot be made quickly.

For context, the recent exception for ENERGY STAR homes was made because that program has long allowed certain four-story dwelling units to participate in the ENERGY STAR program. With its recent sun-setting of the prescriptive path, the ENERGY STAR program relies upon the performance path for certification, which encompasses a HERS rating. Therefore, the intent of this narrow exception was to keep current partners whole, rather than to intentionally expand the scope of HERS ratings.

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